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Our Processes

Work with WhirlWare is like having your own professional team and valuable staff. We understand that you want partnership with us like reliable partner helping to build your business and we will work shoulder to shoulder with you to assure highest quality and ready result.

Our development methods and interaction schemes are aimed to 3 things:
  • On-time projects delivery
  • Ensure high quality of developed product
  • Transparent and controlled development process

In order to ensure project delivery in time and with required quality, we do QA process an integral part of the design at all stages, from the earliest. This allows us to discover problems at a much earlier stage than at launch and thus save quite a lot of time later on. We check the already developed features to fully work before they are shipped to your review, pay attention to content entry, provide expert advice how to enhance usability and customer experience.

In order to ensure transparency and control over the process, we provide regular updates and reviews to always keep you informed. We also set up phone or Skype conferences to go over all work being done and discuss further strategy. This ensures our clients full control over the outcome.

No matter whether our task is complex development or enhancing of website’s usability, we keep your hand on pulse of the process from start till final delivery.

We are happy to continue cooperation even after the project is complete and provide with support for modifications, optimization and enhancements.


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